Sunday, April 7, 2013

So blue without You

This one I thought of all by myself.... (I am sure others have to) but he told me he needed shanving cream and it comes in a blue container so I thought why not just make everything blue. unfortunaly I could not find movies with blue in the title at walmart :/ and with no blue-ray player out there I could not do that. Oh well did the best I could. He loved this one also. 

Easter Care package

So this is my husband's awsome easter care package. I know the stuff does not look like much but he asked for big things this time that took up tons of space :/ He loved it and I am way behind on posting it.

Mini Tutu and head band

My friend was on facebook asking around for people who made tuts.  Of course a dear friend of mine mentioned me. This was to fun to create. It looks a lot like the one I made my niece for Christmas but this one is more glittery. It was mini themed so I saw this bow at the craft store and made her a matching head band with it. I am in love with tutus and I that me and my husband have a daughter one day. 

Owl Beanie I made for my niece

This is my first character beanie. This was so much fun to make. I can not wait to make more. It took 3 tries, for some reason I had two way different types of yarn so that made it harder and had to adjust my row count for all the pink. :/ I am slowly learning :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1st measuremnets

So I am so silly, I took my measurements and pictures and did not post them :/ . so here it is....late!
bust: 38" -1.5"                        arm: 10.5" -1.5"
waist: 30" -2.5"                      calf: 13.5" same
butt/hips: 37.5" -2"                 thigh: 19.5" -1"
belly button: 36" +2"              upper thigh: 22.5" + 1"

so these +/- are from the start.... I need to kick my butt by in gear and do some kind of workout everyday! I also recently bought the IT WORKS wraps, I will post my results on here too. I am curious to see if it really works.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Measurements March 1st

So I know I ma behind 2 days but I also work like crazy. I have decided to just update this once a month, my weight loss will look like more so that will help motivate me and I should be able to do it on time :)

Sorry its upside down :/
Measurements: gains/losses are from my start in Jan
Bust: 37.5" -2"                       Arm: 10.5 -1.5"
Waist: 29" -3.5"                     Calf: 13.5" same
Butt: 38" -1.5"                          Thigh: 19" -1.5"    
love handles: 36 -1.5"              Neck 12.5" same
Upper thigh: 21.5 New addition

So I slacked the month of February and did not loose much weight. But I am back on track and back to doing my Jillian Michaels killer abs everyday this month :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

St Pattrick's day care package

                       So I am sending the hubby a St. Patrick's day box to lift his spirits some. 

I know jerky is brown but it's jalapeno flavored :). I also made a slide show to our love song and made a cover that said lucky to be in love with you. 
Links to printables:
1.Lucky Charms:
2.Pinch Proof card:
3.Lucky to be paired with you/Lucky Me To Have YOU At The End Of The Rainbow!: you to be married to me:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Past two weeks wrapped into one post!

So for the past two weeks I have been 143, that is down 1.4lbs from 3 weeks ago... Which is great but I got off track these last two weeks. I am getting back on track starting tomorrow though. I need this weight gone. Thankfully, I have not gained any extra weight to loose :) I have also been busy and not posting but I a back to doing that also! It helps keep me focused on my goals and make me accountable. 
Feb 05,13-Feb 12,13
Next weigh in on Feb 26th